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Cuda Automatic Parts Washers speed cleaning!

Cuda Industrial Front and Top Load Aqueous Automatic Parts Washers

Cuda parts washers are aqueous based cabinet washers that deliver powerful jets of detergent and hot water to give you cleaning action far superior than any solvent. With Cuda, you can save time by saying good-bye to washing parts by hand. Hotsy Pacific is your authorized Cuda automatic parts washer dealer with locations in Modesto and Hayward, CA. We provide sales and service for the bay area, including San Francisco, Oakland, San Leandro as well as the Central Valley.

Parts Washers available in a variety of sizes
Automatic parts washers are available in front-loading or top-loading models, Cuda parts washers have provided a time-saving solution for thousands of businesses over the years. Instead of taking time to scrub parts manually by hand, an investment in a Cuda parts washer means trained technicians can concentrate on revenue-producing work. They simply load the parts, set the timer and go back to other tasks while the parts are being washed automatically.

Cuda parts washers use no solvents, so your employees are not at risk with harmful chemicals. These low maintenance machines take up little room on the shop floor, and quickly pay for themselves in no time. Consider a Cuda automatic parts washer if you are cleaning engine parts, transmissions, or other automotive accessories as well as agriculture or manufacturing equipment. With a load capacity up to 5,000 pounds, you can really speed your cleaning process.

We have over 25 parts washer models in varying voltage. Click on a link below to learn more about Cuda automatic parts washers. For specific model information or pricing, contact Hotsy Pacific.

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