Pressure Washers

Hot Water Cold Water Downloadable Product Sheet for our most popular hot and cold water machines Hot Water- Electric Motor 2.0 -2.3 GPM 1000-1500 PSI Cold Water – Gas Engine 3.0 -4.0 GPM 2700-3000 PSI   Industrial pressure washer machine capacity is measured in its gallons per minute (GPM) water output and the number of […]


Pressure Washers – Santa Rosa

Hotsy Pacific offers hot and cold pressure washers to Santa Rosa, Modesto, Hayward, and all communities across Northern California. Businesses in need of industrial cleaning equipment in Santa Rosa or other areas can rely on our powerful industrial pressure washers to handle the toughest cleaning jobs. Since it’s designed for years of use, a Hotsy […]


Pressure Washers – Hayward

For the toughest industrial cleaning jobs, we provide a variety of hot and cold pressure washers to Hayward, Modesto, Santa Rosa, and the rest of Northern California. Designed as a long-term resource for removing tough grease or dirt stains, a Hotsy pressure washer is the clear choice when you’re looking for a powerful industrial cleaning […]