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floorCareThe floor of any facility is the resource that is used the most. Yet it’s the one that is considered the least. Oddly enough floor care is also the area where cleaning occupies (and wastes!) the most time, energy and water. Optimizing these factors with a Bay Area floor scrubber and floor sweeper improves cost control, boosts productivity, and will maximize the useful life of your floors.

We offer a wide range of Kärcher floor scrubbers and sweepers in the Bay Area that are perfect for deep-cleaning, maintaining and polishing floors while also optimizing water reduction.

Kärcher floor care scrubbers and sweepers in the Bay Area come in both cylindrical and disc styles. Your specific environment and the debris you need to clean will determine the size machine and brush style that will save you the most time, labor and money.

Serving the Bay Area with locations in Santa Rosa, Hayward, and Modesto, we offer Karcher floor scrubbers, sweepers, cleaners, maintenance, accessories, parts and service.