Keeping equipment clean is an essential organizational task. Companies will vary on why (and how often) equipment needs to be cleaned, but they all share three common cleaning goals:

  • Reduce chemical & water usage
  • Reduce the time spent cleaning
  • Increase cleaning efficiency

Improve cost control, boost productivity, extend equipment life

Optimizing these improves cost control, boosts productivity, and often extends equipment life.

Automatic parts washers efficiently clean parts faster, and cut chemical use and exposure. No solvents are needed and employees can work on more productive things.

The correct Detergents — based on your application, and water quality — speeds up the overall cleaning process, can slash water use, and provides a much cleaner surface.

Hotsy Pacific pressure washers that run at a higher PSI can use up to 75% less water while rapidly blasting away grime.

Steam cleaners and steam generators are excellent for sanitizing, as well as cleaning grease and oil, sterilizing, disinfecting, degreasing, dissolving resins, de-icing, flushing away chemicals, and degassing.

And water treatment recovery and reuse systems will recapture and enable re-use 75% of waste water.

Servicing all industries

At Hotsy Pacific, we sell, service and repair a wide variety of equipment cleaning products that are commonly used in industries such as:


Agricultural & Farming


Health & Hospitals




Food & Beverage Processing


Hospitality & Restaurant