Six factors that affect detergent performance

The right detergent not only gives you a perfect clean – it saves money and time. These six factors should be considered when choosing a detergent.

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The type of dirt and grime you need to remove

Soil is composed of a variety of components including carbon, grease, oil, dirt, clay, acid rain, rubber, bugs, pollution, and salts. The cleaning ingredients used to attack these include alkaline builders, acids, phosphates, non-phosphates, wetting agents, solvents, oxidizers, heat, pressure and volume

Water hardness

The quality of your water can have a marked influence on cleaning performance. The harder the water, the less effective detergents become. Knowing the hardness will enable you to choose the right cleaning solutions for the best outcome.

Free advice on other water saving measures too!

At Hotsy Pacific, We Know Clean! and how to save water too! Our cleaning expert will review your current water usage practices and offer practical, sensible advice on how to reduce, reuse and recycle the water you use.

It’s not untypical for Hotsy Pacific to help organizations to reduce new water consumption by up 75% - helping the environment and saving big dollars on water usage.


Water pH

When cleaning solutions are dissolved in water, the mixture can become too acidic or alkaline. The higher the pH level, the more corrosive the cleaner can become. The lower the pH the more acidic.  Water pH can vary dramatically from area-to-area.

Detergent-to-waterflow ratio

Your water flow rate (amount of water moving through the pressure washer) has a direct impact on the amount of detergent you should use.

Water temperature

Many detergents break down above certain temperatures, rendering them useless (meaning you might as well just use water).

Detergent strength and solids content mix

Not all detergents are made equal. Many have filler compounds that add zero benefit or active ingredients at too low a concentration. What appears cheap per gallon can be expensive when a true, like-for-like comparison is made.