New technologies offer cost-effective solutions

New technologies offer cost-effective solutions to ensure regulatory compliance, and properly manage and recycle wastewater, all while reducing labor costs and improving productivity.

Did you know that companies and individuals generate over 4 Billion gallons of wastewater every day? According to the USGS, wastewater is defined as used water, and includes substances such as human and animal waste, food scraps, oils, soaps and chemicals, and other materials. Fines and penalties can run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

As a result of both environmental regulations, and proactive eco-consciousness, businesses of all types and sizes are increasingly having to take responsibility for managing their wastewater.

Our water treatment & recycling experts can help

A basic understanding of each technology along with working with a qualified professional will insure that your water treatment system provides the desired results, including not only regulatory compliance, but the opportunity to reduce labor costs and improve productivity.

We feature a selection of technologies to deliver your desired outcomes.

Pre- Treatment

A vital part of any system to prepare the water for additional downstream treatment

Oil/Water Separation

Generally capable of separating free-floating oils

Mechanical Filtration

Removal of solids from the water

Coagulation/ Flocculation

Removal of suspended particles and or emulsified oils


Applying living organisms (microbes) to break down organic carbon-based molecules


Alternative to off-site disposal of waste water

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