The sneaky hidden costs of delaying cleaning equipment maintenance.

When your Cleaning Equipment fails, you know the down time costs your company in lost productivity, sales and profits.  But did you know there are hidden costs as well?

Cleaning equipment rarely “just fails”.

Instead it gradually loses pressure and heat, making it less and less effective and requiring that the operator use more water, energy, and detergent, as well as taking more time. All of which add up to sneaky hidden costs – kind of like pouring your money down the drain.


Now that you know, are you willing to continue wasting this money?

In response to customer requests, Hotsy Pacific is introducing its new Smart SMP (Scheduled Maintenance Program), designed to keep your machine operating at the optimal level and replace worn out parts before they break.

Since there are different wear parts and key things that need to be addressed for each type of machine, at the proper intervals we will replace major components based on the “Mean Time To Failure” specs we have from the manufacturers. An added advantage is that you'll be able to more effectively plan your budget because you'll know your maintenance costs in advance. Best of all, you'll have the peace of mind of knowing there's one less equipment performance issue to worry about.

Stop those hidden costs of failing equipment from hitting your bottom line!

Schedule your Smart SMP with Hotsy Pacific today!