The sneaky ways you may be wasting water

The sneaky ways you may be wasting water Looking for easy ways to conserve water? Let’s agree – water conservation is a top priority in our state. In January, a drought state of emergency was proclaimed for all California counties. In May, the State put into place the Water Conservation Emergency Regulation. Today’s smart companies […]

Why wastewater testing is more critical than ever

When did you last test your wastewater discharge pH? If you have any form of wastewater being discharged, whether from manufacturing & production, to cleaning & sanitizing practices (such as the wastewater coming from pressure washing your equipment and vehicles), your business may be subject to both local and State Water Board wastewater discharge regulations. […]

Rebranding – Pacific Bay Equipment

To Our Valued Customers We are excited to share important news regarding the continued growth of our company. Growing to serve… Since 1987, we have continued to grow in many ways in response to customer needs. As you know, we’ve expanded the number of product lines we carry to include waste water management systems, microbial […]

How you can save money on water

Water waste is nothing to ignore. U.S. industrial water use is estimated to be more than 18.2 billion gallons per day (from direct water withdrawals, not including water use from public water supply). And water usage spans an amazing array of industries including chemicals, food and beverage, paper and associated products, steel, electronics and computers, […]

Awesome Ag Show & Winter Specials!

Awesome Ag Show & Winter Specials! 30% off   ALL machines in stock!*   Free Sprayer with purchase of VitalOxide** Call our Customer Service team at 800.640.1227 with questions or to place an order.

Fun Holiday Facts

Thank You for Your Business! I’d like to take a moment to personally thank all of our customers for their business over the past many years. We have all been in this together, and I truly appreciate your continued support during these challenging times.    We are very grateful to have you as a customer, […]

Disinfectant Dangers – what you need to know

Have you closely read your disinfectant labels? In last year’s rush to disinfect, industrial and consumer shelves were often stripped bare of disinfecting products, understandably so. But as we head into another indoor season, it’s a good idea to check your disinfecting products’ chemical components – and be aware of any risks. Let’s take a […]

Buy now pay later

Dirty jobs require powerful cleaning & sanitizing solutions At Hotsy Pacific, we know clean Dirty jobs are everywhere and these cleaning challenges require a tough partner to deliver a clean that you can count on. They need to be Hotsy Clean. Hotsy pressure washers offer both the power and know-how that gets the job done […]

Tribute to Michael Coleman

Honoring Michael Coleman  It is with extreme sadness we must share that our marketing/sales manager Michael Coleman has recently passed away – and he will be greatly missed by everyone, both personally and professionally. Michael worked with Hotsy Pacific for 7 years and was a top-level salesperson greatly respected and liked by clients and colleagues. […]

How long can you hold your breath?

Why does this matter? All of this poses significant risk to everyone’s health. By solving these issues, you can decrease absenteeism and declining productivity. In fact, in normal years, poor health costs US employers and organizations over $530 Billion and 1.4 Billion work days of absence and impaired performance. And we all know the additional […]