Holiday Fun Facts

For a change of pace, here are 12 fun – and unusual – holiday facts that you might not know.

BOY Award

Hotsy Pacific Wins SBA 2020 Veteran-Owned Business of the Year award! In recognition of their outstanding business performance and community efforts, co-owners Jim and Karen O’Connell accepted the SBA 2020 Veteran-owned Business of the Year award from the Valley Sierra Small Business Development Center (SBDC). “We’re both honored and proud to receive this recognition,” said […]

How many hats are you wearing?

FACT: the pandemic has impacted most companies’ bottom line in some fashion. Furloughs, layoffs, and reductions in sales has put a lot of additional pressure on everyone and many find themselves wearing more hats than ever. And let’s add in the back and forth between the shifting requirements of the State’s tiered-Covid 19 reopening system. […]

SPRAY IT !- don’t say it

Do you Know Your Options on Sprayers and Foggers? With so many challenges facing companies in maintaining effective disinfecting protocols, it’s essential that you have the right type of device to apply disinfectant. Here’s how to evaluate which type of device delivers the best results…   The type of sprayer depends on the job One of […]

Re-Opening Your Business – Yikes!

Now what? As businesses reopen, they face the requirement of “with modifications.” now requiring implementing Covid-19 safety protocols that include sanitizing and disinfecting constantly to protect the safety of their employees, customers and the public. This “new normal” is here to stay for awhile. Do your Disinfecting Procedures comply with the New State Requirements? Do […]

What is your Disinfecting Strategy for the “New Normal”?

  For the foreseeable future, companies and organizations will be expected to implement sanitizing and disinfecting strategies in all areas of their business to protect the safety of their employees, customers and the public. Do you have a Disinfecting Strategy ready?  Or are you concerned that it’s not enough? Do you really have the protocols, […]


Our sales and customer service teams are available to answer questions and assist with purchases . We  continue to take the necessary steps to ensure the health and safety of our employees while providing minimal disruption of product availability. As members of CETA (Cleaning Equipment Trade Association) we have been deemed an “Essential” business in […]

Sanitation Protocols Prepared for COVID-19?

Chances are your protocols don’t meet the newest CDC standards… which means businesses, organizations, schools, and municipalities aren’t properly disinfected. There are proven ways to disinfect quickly and effectively using a CDC approved, EPA-registered disinfectant against COVID-19. We have cost-effective solutions to help protect your customers, employees, and students. Let us assist you in preparing […]

Electrostatic Sprayer – The Best Disinfectant Spray Machine

With limited man hours available how does one guarantee they are effectively disinfecting?   Answer – you probably can’t by continuing with your current cleaning procedures.  Wipes, trigger sprayers, and cloths are labor intensive but more importantly complete coverage underneath tables, chairs, and shelves is difficult to obtain.   The use of an electrostatic sprayer provides a […]

Hotsy Santa Rosa – NAME CHANGE

At Hotsy Santa Rosa we do more than sell and repair Hotsy pressure washers. The new logo has been developed to communicate our full-service capabilities and product lines used for years by cleaning and disinfecting professionals. Many of our customers do not realize that we sell and service numerous types of sanitation and disinfecting equipment […]