Electrostatic Sprayer – The Best Disinfectant Spray Machine

With limited man hours available how does one guarantee they are effectively disinfecting?   Answer – you probably can’t by continuing with your current cleaning procedures.  Wipes, trigger sprayers, and cloths are labor intensive but more importantly complete coverage underneath tables, chairs, and shelves is difficult to obtain.   The use of an electrostatic sprayer provides a […]

Hotsy Santa Rosa – NAME CHANGE

At Hotsy Santa Rosa we do more than sell and repair Hotsy pressure washers. The new logo has been developed to communicate our full-service capabilities and product lines used for years by cleaning and disinfecting professionals. Many of our customers do not realize that we sell and service numerous types of sanitation and disinfecting equipment […]

Are You Treating Your Water Right?

New technologies offer cost-effective solutions New technologies offer cost-effective solutions to ensure regulatory compliance, and properly manage and recycle wastewater, all while reducing labor costs and improving productivity. Did you know that companies and individuals generate over 4 Billion gallons of wastewater every day? According to the USGS, wastewater is defined as used water, and […]

Fun holiday facts

Fun holiday facts make for great conversation. Here are 12 Fun Facts to liven things up (and there’s no need to sing them to the 12 Days of Christmas). 1 Buying all the gifts from the 12 Days of Christmas would cost you well over $39,000 – and the price goes up every year. The […]

What can cost you $1,685 per employee?

The Flu is nothing to brush off. Did you know that productivity losses linked to absences cost U.S. employers $1,685 per employee per year, and smaller businesses feel the effect of absenteeism even more? According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control & Prevention), the 2019/2020 Flu Season is just around the corner. Already, doctors […]


Bigger & Even Better! Our new location is 30% larger to better serve you. After 35 years, we’re excited to announce that Hotsy Pacific’s headquarters has relocated to 609 G. Street in downtown Modesto. Scroll down for photos of the new store and our Modesto themed custom mural, created by local artist Tom Nye. Visit […]

What You Don’t See On Your Floor Could Be Dangerous

Bacteria. Grime. Oil. Spillage.  Your floor is constantly in use, and yet often one of the most neglected parts of your workplace. And it’s what you don’t see that could put your business at risk. If you’re still scrubbing floors with a mop or an old scrubber, it’s time to step up to a safer […]

Are You Wasting Your Employees’ Time?

If you are still washing parts by hand, then you probably are. Washing parts by hand: Expensive process Consumes time and labor Increases employee exposure to chemicals and requirements for protective clothing There is a better way… Let one of Hotsy Pacific’s automatic parts washers do the dirty work!   Completely automated and as easy to […]

Wet vs Dry Steam – Which one is best?

Choose Wisely for Best Results Although ‘wet’ and ‘dry’ are both steam, it’s essential to choose the right type to ensure best results, and avoid causing  problems for equipment, operators, and worker safety.  An understanding of the difference and performance of each will make it easy to determine which is the best solution for your […]

Specialized “Wands” Solve Cleaning Challenges

When it comes to those difficult cleaning jobs, having these specialized “wands” in your cleaning arsenal are the ideal solution to making your pressure washers even more effective! Slippery engine grease and oil on your shop floor. Caked-on mud under your truck. Dirt and other unsanitary “stuff” building up in hard-to-reach areas. By using specially-designed […]