The Seven Benefits of Maintaining Clean

Everything starts with Clean and Hotsy Pacific can help you get there. Clean will increase the productivity of your operation and improve your bottom line. Here are the seven benefits of Clean. Reduces downtime. When it’s clean, it runs more efficiently – no matter what it is. Clean equipment spends more time running, working, and […]

Can you afford the down time?

The sneaky hidden costs of delaying cleaning equipment maintenance. When your Cleaning Equipment fails, you know the down time costs your company in lost productivity, sales and profits.  But did you know there are hidden costs as well? Cleaning equipment rarely “just fails”. Instead it gradually loses pressure and heat, making it less and less […]

Water Treatment Technologies – How to Choose

Water has become the most regulated, costly, and misused resource within companies. It is also the area where the most efficiency can be gained. A basic understanding of each technology along with working with a qualified professional will insure that the water treatment system provides the desired results. What you need to know first

Green and Lean – Dry Ice Cleaning

Dry ice cleaning offers comprehensive cleaning benefits over traditional methods in an environmentally friendly way. The EPA, FDA, and USDA recognize dry ice as an acceptable material in cleaning methods. From gently restoring smoke damaged books, to cleaning multimillion-dollar production equipment in place, there are numerous benefits to dry ice cleaning.   How it works: […]

Top 5 myths for water recycling systems

Water reduction mandates are inevitable. That means your business needs options — and a plan. Assembly Bill 1668 and Senate Bill 606 are now forcing water districts to think hard about water conservation measures. Reducing the amount of water that businesses use will inevitably be a key factor — and that means your business needs […]

9 out of 10 companies waste money on over-priced detergent

Six factors that affect detergent performance The right detergent not only gives you a perfect clean – it saves money and time. These six factors should be considered when choosing a detergent. Schedule a Detergent Assessment A Hotsy Pacific cleaning expert will come onsite and conduct a series of tests to accurately identify what type of […]

Reactive vs Scheduled Maintenance – Which is better?

Companies that rely on equipment typically employ either a reactive or preventive approach to maintenance. Reactive maintenance is fixing things when they break. This approach can sometimes save money short term but often ends up costing even more in the long run. Scheduled maintenance is a planned program where maintenance tasks are conducted routinely to […]

Pressure Washer Nozzles: Sizing Chart, Tips & Misconceptions

The Biggest Misconception in cleaning: Nozzles work on any machine  Are you damaging your pressure washing system by using the wrong nozzles? The most overlooked part of pressure washing systems is the nozzle. The common misconception is that nozzles are interchangeable on any machine.  Since nozzles come with standard quick connect or thread sizes in […]

Let’s talk about Floor Care

Let’s Talk about Floor CareThe floor of any facility is the resource that is used the most. Yet it’s the one that is considered the least. Oddly enough floor care is also the area where cleaning occupies (and wastes!) the most time, energy and water. We offer a wide range of solutions designed to improve cost control, […]