Pressure Washer Nozzles: Sizing Chart, Tips & Misconceptions

The Biggest Misconception in cleaning: Nozzles work on any machine  Are you damaging your pressure washing system by using the wrong nozzles? The most overlooked part of pressure washing systems is the nozzle. The common misconception is that nozzles are interchangeable on any machine.  Since nozzles come with standard quick connect or thread sizes in […]

Let’s talk about Floor Care

Let’s Talk about Floor CareThe floor of any facility is the resource that is used the most. Yet it’s the one that is considered the least. Oddly enough floor care is also the area where cleaning occupies (and wastes!) the most time, energy and water. We offer a wide range of solutions designed to improve cost control, […]

A cost center that is often overlooked

WATER: A cost center that is often overlookedThe drought is officially over in California but the cost of water is more expensive than ever. Water districts continue to increase both their rates and the restrictions on waste water content. Some companies are required to haul waste water offsite which is very expensive. Clearly, reductions in […]