Each business has unique needs and we offer several purchase and lease options that are flexible so you can use the equipment now, when you need it most. Leasing is an excellent choice since the payments are an operating expense and therefore 100% deductible. It is also the best choice to preserve capital and manage cash flow and budgets.  A simple application will get you started. We work with several third party leasing companies who offer flexible plans designed to meet you cash flow and reporting needs including:



When purchasing or ownership of capital assets is not a viable option, rent to own programs can be the perfect tool. Contact us to discuss your particular needs. You can also use the Payment Calculator on the page to get an idea of the best option for you. Simply add the amount you'd like to finance and choose the appropriate plan for your needs.  Here's a quick overview of the available options:

  1. Baker’s Dozen – 13 equal payment and the equipment is yours
  2. Best Buy – aka $1 buyout –12 up to 60 month term. At the end of the term a $1 payment is required to purchase equipment.
  3. FMV – 12 up to 60 month term. At the end of the term a buyout of 15% of the original value is required to purchase equipment.