Fun holiday facts make for great conversation.

Here are 12 Fun Facts to liven things up
(and there’s no need to sing them to the 12 Days of Christmas).


Buying all the gifts from the 12 Days of Christmas would cost you well over $39,000 – and the price goes up every year. The most expensive is the “7 Swans a-swimming”, estimated at $6,500.


Rudolph the Red-Nosed reindeer actually started as an advertising gimmick for Montgomery Ward in 1939. The song came out in 1941, was recorded by Gene Autry, and was the #1 hit on the U.S. charts Christmas week.


Christmas lights were so expensive at the turn of last century that they were usually rented vs. purchased. An electrically lit tree was considered a status symbol in the early 1900s.


Despite all the hype, Black Friday is not the busiest shopping day of the year. The two days before Christmas are – which, given it falls on the same date every year, confirms people like to procrastinate.


The campaign “Toys for Tots” was founded in Los Angeles in 1947. 5,000 todays were collected during the very first drive, and a handmade doll was the first donation.


The first Salvation Army kettle collection took place in San Francisco’s Oakland Ferry at the foot of Market Street. It was a large crab pot with a sign over it that read “Keep the pot boiling” – referring to helping people to have enough food to eat.


“Jingle Bells” was originally a song about Thanksgiving, first sung in 1857. It was also the first song ever played in space by astronauts Walter Schirra Jr. and Thomas P. Stafford.


It took Charles Dickens only 6 weeks to write “A Christmas Carol” – and it remains the book for which he is the most well-known.


The city of Vancouver, Canada, claims to be the birthplace of the first “ugly Christmas sweater” party. Should we thank them for that?


Christmas trees usually grow for close to 15 years before being large enough to sell. Talk about a long product development cycle!


Visa cards are used over 6,000 times per minute during the Christmas season.


The first batch of eggnog originated from the Posset – a hot milkly ale-like drink popular in medieval Britain. Wassail!

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