There are numerous components to cleaning including labor, equipment, products/supplies and water usage. A review of the cleaning protocols and resources required will identify areas for improvement and better efficiency. The more you can measure during the review, the easier it will be to develop a plan to increase productivity and reduce cleaning resources used. One of the factors to consider is the employee morale while completing a cleaning task. When employees are merely going through the motions it is counter-productive, so changes that increase productivity tend to boost morale and free up time for other job responsibilities.

As with most tasks it is better to break them into parts and take them on one by one to gain momentum. Some areas can be improved right away and other will take time and effort to implement. At Hotsy Pacific we use the term Fix What Bugs You and continually make improvements to our processes and do not accept the common explanation - that is the way we have always done it.

Once you identify what you want to change the next step is to investigate alternatives for completing the cleaning task. We Know Clean and are here to assist with recommendations for executing your improvements. Contact us to discuss.

Improvements gained using cleaning equipment or accessories

Mopping and Sweeping - floor scrubbers provide a better result and cut cleaning times in half.

Washing/Rinsing with a Hose – pressure washers will reduce water usage by up to 75% and reduce cleaning times in half

Sanitizing & Disinfection – steam eliminates pathogens and harmful bacteria on contact

Parts Washing – an automatic parts washer will free up a workers time for more productive tasks.

Cleaning with detergents – application with a foaming device will reduce usage and increase cleaning effectiveness. In addition a PH test will insure the proper dilution ratios.

Efficiency vs cost