The truth is people have no idea how contaminated and unsafe indoor air is!

Did you know?

Most people spend 90% of their time indoors.

Indoor air quality (IAQ) actually can be 10 times worse than outdoor.

With every breath, we are exposed to bacteria, viruses, microbes & hundreds of dangerous contaminants that circulate through indoor air.

Why does this matter?

All of this poses significant risk to everyone’s health. By solving these issues, you can decrease absenteeism and declining productivity. In fact, in normal years, poor health costs US employers and organizations over $530 Billion and 1.4 Billion work days of absence and impaired performance. And we all know the additional impact that Covid-19 has had on companies.

The good news?

Many companies are making genuine efforts to reduce these risks. But are you taking care of your microbial challenges the best way? You might be surprised. The one thing that’s for sure – by reviewing your current practices, you can achieve the best in IAQ.

The best way to achieve better air is to put effective antimicrobial protocols in place that are proven to work. And it’s not just one thing, but an integrated combination of elements that enable you to dramatically increase your IAQ and reduce the presence of microbes, VOCs, pollutants and more – to create a safer, healthier work environment.

Hotsy Pacific’s industry-leading microbial defense: Sentinel Checkpoints

Merging technology innovation with traditional safety protocols to improve IAQ & Wellness.

disinfectants in use

Discover the 5 Checkpoints
you should be reviewing to optimize your IAQ.

When it comes to your employees’ and customers’ health and wellness, shouldn’t you be doing everything to optimize outcomes? Learn more about what steps you can take to strengthen your existing protocols, so you and your staff can breathe with confidence! Find out how you can have a free, no-obligation Air Aware assessment.