FACT: the pandemic has impacted most companies’ bottom line in some fashion.

Furloughs, layoffs, and reductions in sales has put a lot of additional pressure on everyone and many find themselves wearing more hats than ever. And let's add in the back and forth between the shifting requirements of the State’s tiered-Covid 19 reopening system. It seems almost impossible to get it all done much less cut costs and maintain productivity while working harder with less resources.


How to get more out of less

Look to your vendors for solutions you may not be aware of...

That includes speaking with equipment, supplies, service, technology and all other vendors who support your business. As their customer you need to challenge them to help you be more efficient – and get rid of some of those hats you’re wearing.

When you’re running flat out, it’s natural to leave the status quo in place. But that status quo often comes with inefficiencies that are costing you both money and time.

Speaking to you as one of your vendors...

Did you know that using the wrong accessory can actually reduce productivity and efficiency? Sure, the equipment is working – but it may be costing you more in labor and disinfectant, or worse, not applying the solution as effectively as needed. Problems = more hats!

The right accessories, such as applicator wands and sprayer nozzles, can give you the peace of mind that the disinfecting equipment is running at optimum efficiency and applying the disinfectant properly.Let’s chat (via phone or Zoom) to discuss smart ways to reduce these problems – and pull a hat off your head.

It’s also about employee safety

Did you know? Most chemical disinfectants come with significant warnings about safety usage protocols. Get rid of another “hat” by choosing a CDC-approved and EPA-registered disinfectant which is food-grade safe and can dramatically reduce risk and gives you more peace-of-mind that you’re maintaining Covid-19 cleaning protocols and employee health and safety.

We’re here to help take away some of those hats.

We offer a no-cost / no-obligation review of your current disinfecting protocols and can make suggestions to help you to cost-effectively improve your processes.

Vital Oxide Products

We have the top
performing EPA-registered disinfectant

No Mixing Safe for use around humans & pets
Food Grade No rinsing required

The CDC recommends the use of an EPA-registered disinfectant as part of your Covid-19 sanitizing protocols. Vital Oxide is registered with the EPA as a disinfectant, sanitizer and cleaner, and kills 99.999% of bacteria.

This CDC-approved food-grade formula can be used as a disinfectant, or be diluted further and used as a sanitizer, and is easy to apply to a variety of surfaces.

Available in Wipes & 1,5,15 & 55 gallon containers