water-drop Parts cleaned with Cuda Automatic Parts Washers include:

  • Automotive
  • Transmission
  • Agricultural equipment
  • Aircraft
  • Heavy equipment
  • Transportation

Our Bay Area automatic parts washer does not use solvents and will rapidly accelerate the cleaning process and allow time to be spent on more productive uses of an employee’s skill set.
Front and Top loading Cuda models are available with load capacities ranging from 250 to 5000 lbs.  Sump capacity/GPM is from 25 – 150 gallons and pounds per square inch ranging between 20 – 50 PSI.

Think how much more productive your mechanics could be if they did not have to devote time to cleaning parts. Hotsy Pacific provides the best automatic parts washers in the Bay Area.

Cuda Automatic Parts Washers for Modesto, Hayward, Santa Rosa, and the surrounding Bay Area. Services include maintenance, parts, cleaning, and more.

"Improved productivity means less human sweat, not more". -- Henry Ford