slide3Heavy equipment or off-road machinery that’s used in oil and gas work, construction or in agriculture often rapidly accumulates grease, road film, diesel smoke and grime.

Hotsy Pacific offers equipment cleaning industrial detergents in the Bay Area that provide superior cleansing and degreasing and include specialty cleansers designed for use on Stainless Steel or unpainted surfaces.

Our most popular equipment cleaning industrial detergents in the Bay Area include:

  • Breakthrough This highly concentrated equipment cleaning industrial detergent is extremely effective for tackling crude oil and caked-on buildup of fifth-wheel grease . . . yet it’s gentle enough for fine finishes on cars and to use for general cleaning purposes. Helps restore all types of oxidized paint surfaces.
  • Ripper II. This versatile, extra-strong industrial detergent is caustic based for fast and thorough cleaning. Not recommended for use on fine finishes, aluminum, galvanized metal or magnesium.

Hotsy Pacific offers a complete line of equipment cleaning industrial detergents to Northern California and the Bay Area with locations in Modesto, Hayward, and Santa Rosa.