The floor scrubbers we stock will clean, strip, and polish uneven and smooth floors with high contact pressure.

B90. A battery-operated, ride-on scrubber suited to cleaning very large areas with selectable features such as working width, squeegee length, and scrubber system.

B80. A highly maneuverable scrubber for large areas with a robust and maintenance-friendly brush head. Available with roller or disc brushes.

B60. A walk-behind scrubber for cleaning areas from 10,764 to 26,910 square feet.

B50. A simple-to-operate, walk-behind scrubber that delivers professional cleaning performance in large retail environments, schools and health care facilities.

B40. Quiet and compact floor scrubber with innovative ergonomics.

B35. An extremely agile and mobile compact scrubber that cleans adjacent to the wall at a 90-degree angle — even in reverse.

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Below are downloadable product sheets for the most popular models: