For the toughest industrial cleaning jobs, we provide a variety of hot and cold pressure washers to Hayward, Modesto, Santa Rosa, and the rest of Northern California. Designed as a long-term resource for removing tough grease or dirt stains, a Hotsy pressure washer is the clear choice when you’re looking for a powerful industrial cleaning solution. Whether you’re in need of deep and thorough grease removal or a quick blast of cold water, a pressure washer from Hotsy Pacific can get the job done.


Hot Pressure Washers

A hot pressure washer is the best option for complete eradication of grease or oil stains during industrial cleaning. A hot pressure washer in Hayward or the surrounding communities can be a valuable resource for the transportation industry, manufacturing industry and other businesses that require regular sanitation. Powered by an electric or fuel motor, a hot pressure washer requires a vent for heat exhaust. While gas engine pressure washers are a more portable option, electrically-powered pressure washers are much quieter.

Cold Pressure Washers

Cold water pressure washers clean away dirt build-up and are the clear choice for less intensive industrial cleaning. With a lower up-front cost and less overall maintenance, cold water pressure washers are available from Hotsy Pacific in Hayward and the rest of Northern California. They can be powered by either a gas or an electric engine, though gas motors use twice as much horsepower for the same amount of water pressure. For a more portable pressure washer, choose a gas-engine. For a quieter and more efficient option, choose an electric cold water pressure washer.

No matter which pressure washer you choose for your industrial cleaning in Hayward or Northern California, every Hotsy brand machine comes with a 7-year warranty. Pressure washers from Hotsy Pacific are built to last and can provide industrial cleaning solutions for years to come. Contact us for more information.

Product sheets for our most popular models:

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