Hotsy Pacific offers hot and cold pressure washers to Santa Rosa, Modesto, Hayward, and all communities across Northern California. Businesses in need of industrial cleaning equipment in Santa Rosa or other areas can rely on our powerful industrial pressure washers to handle the toughest cleaning jobs. Since it’s designed for years of use, a Hotsy pressure washer can be a valuable asset that quickly pays for itself. Hotsy Pacific customers depend on their industrial pressure washers for cleaning places with lots of dirt stains or grease.

Available in both hot and cold water models, our Hotsy pressure washers for Santa Rosa and the rest of Northern California can deliver a blast of high-pressure water to a dirty or greasy surface.

Hot Pressure WashersHotWater

We offer both gas and electrical-powered hot water pressure washers. Portable across multiple environments, gas hot water pressure washers can be helpful in areas without power supply. A pressure washer with an electrical motor requires a steady source of electricity but is also much quieter than a gas model. Hot water pressure washers are intended for tough grease and oil stains when other industrial cleaning methods won’t work. With more than 1,000 PSI and 11 sizes of heating coils, a hot pressure washer is the most effective and powerful option to wash away grease.

Cold Pressure Washers

Cold pressure washers from Hotsy Pacific are the best choice for removing dirt stains from a surface. Available to Northern California cities like Santa Rosa, a pressure washer with cold water can be powered by an electric or gas motor. Electric motors are the quietest option and require less maintenance than a gas power source. With a smaller up-front cost and less overall upkeep, cold water pressure washers are the best option for quick and efficient dirt removal.

Whatever your industrial cleaning needs in Santa Rosa or elsewhere, Hotsy Pacific can help you make the right choice in pressure washer. Every machine comes with a 7-year warranty and is considered among the most reliable in the pressure washer industry. Contact us for more information.

Product sheets for our most popular models:

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