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Stainless steel helps our Bay Area industrial cold water pressure washers stand up in harsh environments while they scour away grease or oil residue.

When optimum corrosion resistance is required these stainless steel pressure washers are the clear choice. 

How to choose: portable vs stationary; gas vs electric pressure washers

  • Electric motor power washers require less maintenance and run much quieter when compared to gas engine power washers.
  • Gas-engine power washer units provide portability and operability within multiple environments and the best choice when consistent power is not available or the unit needs to be mobile.
  • Electric pressure washer units are the clear choice when there is both a consistent source of electricity and reliable supply of water. 

Hotsy Pacific sells both portable and stationary industrial pressure washers in the Bay Area that deliver from 2.3 to 8.0 GPM at 1,000 to 5,000 PSI. However, if you need something with different specs, we can custom-design a solution. Give us a call to discuss your unique application.

Built to last, with the best warranty for power washers in the industry

Serving Northern California and the Bay Area with locations in Santa Rosa, Hayward, and Modesto, offering industrial cold water pressure washers, as well as installation, maintenance, accessories, parts and service. We provide the best warranty in the industry.