Downloadable product sheets for the most popular steam cleaners and steam generators

Steam has been used to clean and sanitize for hundreds of years prior to the hot water pressure washer yet many refer to them interchangeable although they are very different. To further the confusion a Steam Cleaner is very different than a Steam Generator. The volume of steam produced at the outlet is much higher on a steam cleaner to move debris off surfaces and away from the area. Hotsy Pacific has been a number one supplier of steam cleaners and generators to the Bay Area for over 20 years.

The production of steam works on the simple premise of heating up water in an enclosed vessel. The heat source for our steam generator and steam cleaner in the Bay Area is either a burner fueled by diesel, liquid propane, natural gas or an electric heating element.

Serving Northern California and the Bay Area with locations in Hayward, Santa Rosa, and Modesto, Hotsy Pacific offers Optima and Sioux Steam Cleaners and Steam Generators.