We are an authorized repair facility for Gamajet

At Hotsy Pacific you'll find superior tank cleaning equipment that removes residue from the interior of tanks and vessels of virtually any size. We are experts when it comes to your cleaning needs. Whether you are cleaning tanks, bins, wine barrels, drums, totes, IBCs, tanker trucks, rail cars or ocean going vessels we have efficient solutions for the job. All Gamajet tank cleaning machines are field serviceable, rugged, durable, and versatile.

The Gamajet IV Tank Cleaner

The Gamajet IV revolves 360° in both horizontal and vertical planes with synchronized solid jets providing a tight and thorough scouring pattern covering all interior tank surfaces in one complete cycle.

Hydraulically driven rotary tank cleaning machine

A choice of twelve nozzle sizes and hydraulic turbines and stators, including two gear systems, offer a wide operating range of flow rates, nozzle rotation speeds, and wash cycles. Capable of high concentration chemical recirculation cleaning or high pressure – low volume water jet scrubbing in fixed CIP automated systems.

The Gamajet HD Barrel Blaster

The new Gamajet HD Barrel Blaster combines high performance impingement cleaning with dramatically increased durability that provides 3 times longer service life than the best existing cleaning machine.

Gamajet Barrel Cleaners for cleaning convenience

The HD Barrel Blaster is easily attached to a bi-pod mount for traditional bung hole down cleaning. A ball valve attached to the mount allows for convenient water control directly from the bi-pod. Useable with all existing storage/ rack systems, the HD Barrel Blaster provides exceptional barrel cleaning convenience. Users can reliably clean barrels without ever lifting a barrel.

Downloadable Product Sheets - Most Popular Models