Why water testing is critical

Understanding the components and concentration levels in your water is the best way to ensure effective, efficient cleaning that looks better and takes less time.

Our Water testing for the Bay Area cities of Modesto, Hayward, and Santa Rosa is often a very effective way to reduce your cleaning costs.

Water is part of most cleaning solutions. However, not all water is the same and the specific chemistry of your water can greatly influence the effectiveness of your cleaning equipment and the detergents you use.

Water Hardness

Hardness plays a large role in determining which type of detergent is required to clean properly. Hardness varies dramatically depending on your area, water department, or well service. To ensure your water quality is suitable to deliver optimum cleaning performance, sometimes it is necessary to remove the calcium and magnesium ions that contribute to making water “hard”.

You can have top-notch equipment and the most expensive detergents, but if the quality of the water isn’t up to scratch, you may not see the desired sparkling, spot-free results. That is why it is important to contact us for Water testing in our local Bay Area cities of Modesto, Hayward, and Santa Rosa.

Leftover streaks, spots or dirt marks are often a sign of poor water quality. Below are a a few of the causes.

pH level

Water analysis will determine the pH level (the measure of how acidic or caustic), which is very important to determine what effect the water and the detergent will have on each other.

Total solid content

Total solids content is another crucial factor in water quality. Along with calcium content, solids can cause water spotting and limit the cleansing ability of the water.

When solids are present they must be removed using filters and membranes to achieve levels of water quality that promote good cleaning. This will also help prevent equipment failure.

Hotsy Pacific offers water testing and water analysis for Modesto, Hayward, Santa Rosa, and the surrounding Northern California Bay Area.

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