The floor of any facility is the resource that is used the most. Yet it’s the one that is considered the least. Oddly enough it is also the area where cleaning occupies (and wastes!) the most time, energy and water. Optimizing these improves cost control, boosts productivity, and will maximize the useful life of your floors as well.

We offer a wide range of floor scrubbers and sweepers that are perfect for deep-cleaning, maintaining and polishing floors.

Kärcher floor scrubbers come in both cylindrical and disc styles. Your specific environment and the debris you need to clean will determine the size machine and brush style that will save you the most time, labor and money.

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Servicing all industries

Floor care scrubbers and sweepers can deep-clean, maintain and polish hard floors in a fast, efficient and economic manner. Hotsy Pacific pressure washers that run at a higher PSI can use up to 75% less water while rapidly blasting away grime. And water treatment recovery and reuse systems will recapture and enable re-use 75% of waste water.

At Hotsy Pacific, we sell, service and repair a wide variety of floor cleaning products that are commonly used in industries such as:

Food processing

Office and commercial

Health, hospitals and nursing

Retail stores


Hospitality and restuaranting

Product Sheets of our Most Popular models available for Download