Serving Northern California with locations in Hayward, Santa Rosa, and Modesto, we provide water treatment and water recycling solutions, including equipment, installation, maintenance, parts and service.

Water has become the most regulated, costly, and misused resource within companies. It is also the area where the most efficiency can be gained.


Improve cost control, boost productivity, extend equipment life

Optimizing these improves cost control, boosts productivity and safety, and often extends equipment life. Recycling wash water not only saves money in sewer costs, it may also eliminate potential fines and regulatory litigation.

Servicing all industries

Water recovery systems capture up to 75% of waste water. Water treatment systems will remove pollutants from wash water, like iron, nitrate, sulfates and sodium, all of which contaminate well water, lakes and streams.

At Hotsy Pacific, we sell, service and repair a wide variety of water recovery and water treatment systems that recoup up to 75% of waste water in applications and industries such as:


Equipment and parts cleaning

Food cleaning

Food processing

Tank cleaning