When it comes to those difficult cleaning jobs, having these specialized “wands” in your cleaning arsenal are the ideal solution to making your pressure washers even more effective!

Slippery engine grease and oil on your shop floor. Caked-on mud under your truck. Dirt and other unsanitary “stuff” building up in hard-to-reach areas. By using specially-designed pressure washer “wands” to easily reach tough-to-clean places, you can make your job easier, faster, and even safer.


Telescoping Wand 

Easily extends reach up to 24 feet, providing access to tough-to-reach locations from floor level. No need to use a lift or move and climb up ladders, which saves labor and time, and increases worker safety.

Angle Wand 

Connects to the end of a standard wand to provide much easier access to hard-to-reach areas such as underneath prep tables or conveyor lines, as well as wheel wells and gutters, making the process more efficient.

Flex Wand

Provides easy maneuvering and ability to clean difficult-to-reach areas without having to change wands, speeding up the cleaning process and delivering improved cleaning results.

Dual Lance

A two nozzle-in-one wand that that’s perfect for pre-washing and rinsing. Makes chemical and detergent injection easy, without causing any damage to machine. Maximum-efficiency: no need to switch between nozzles, saving you time and effort.