Everything starts with Clean and Hotsy Pacific can help you get there. Clean will increase the productivity of your operation and improve your bottom line. Here are the seven benefits of Clean.

Reduces downtime.

When it's clean, it runs more efficiently - no matter what it is. Clean equipment spends more time running, working, and making money.

Decreases employee turnover.

The best employees are the ones who'll treat your equipment - and others - with respect. Keep your equipment clean and show them that you take pride in it and they'll want to work for you. Proud employees working in a clean plant with clean equipment will take much better care of it and will inspect it more often.

Increases safety.

Clean equipment works the way it should, keeping employees safe. Clean facilities are safer places to work, preventing slips and falls.

Enhances regulatory compliance.

Clean enables you to avoid costly fines when it comes to water and wastewater regulations. Water may need to be treated prior to use in production and wastewater may need to be treated in order to meet regulations.

Improves productivity.

Inspections and preventive maintenance help drive your operation forward. Dirt, grime, and grease make it hard to see problems and cause wear and tear on equipment. That means your equipment spends time in the shop and maintenance takes a lot longer on a dirty machine. Clean will keep you running.

Improves your company's brand image and quality.

Imagine touring prospective clients through a dirty building or showing them dirty equipment. Are you making the right first impression? Clean can champion your company. When you look good, people notice. Quality starts with clean.

Increases equipment life.

Dirt, grease, and grime will eat away at your equipment, clogging sensitive processing equipment and damaging both the exterior and mechanical parts. Cleaning your equipment regularly means you're looking over every inch of every piece frequently, giving you the chance to notice and address potential problems before they turn into idle time. When cleaning is integrated into your production flow, you'll enjoy fewer breakdowns over the life of your equipment.

CLEAN Accountability Plan

A CLEAN Accountability Plan is put together by a Hotsy Pacific representative during an on-site visit of your operation. During this consultation, we’ll look at your current machinery and equipment that makes up your cleaning system and complete a comprehensive profile which includes:

  • Observing how well your equipment is performing for your cleaning applications and noting any tune-up needs.
  • Evaluating current cleaning accessories and introducing alternatives when applicable to improve cleaning efficiencies.
  • Examining your level of machine usage and providing recommended service intervals
  • Reviewing the types of detergents used and noting any implications that the chemicals may have on hoses and accessories. Recommendations on additional and or replacement chemicals that would be more beneficial when applicable.
  • Measuring the hardness and pH of your cleaning water supply and how it impacts effectiveness.
  • Discussing operator and safety training practices and identifying any needs for new or ongoing education and support.

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