Bacteria. Grime. Oil. Spillage.  Your floor is constantly in use, and yet often one of the most neglected parts of your workplace. And it’s what you don’t see that could put your business at risk.

If you’re still scrubbing floors with a mop or an old scrubber, it’s time to step up to a safer and better way…

Dirty floors are bad news, and can cost you in different ways. Did you know there are over 10 types of harmful bacteria that can adversely impact people’s health? On top of that, spillage, grime, and other materials can create slippage hazards, as well as lots of places for bacteria to hide and grow.

Another surprise! Even if you have a commercial floor scrubber, it may be costing you time, energy and water, and failing to really deep clean.

Why set yourself up for trouble, water waste and costs?


With our state-of-the art Kärcher Floor Scrubbers and Floor Sweepers that set the industry standards for innovation, efficiency, and being easy to operate, you can:

Improve cost

You can Rent or Purchase! 

We offer a wide range of Kärcher floor scrubbers and sweepers in the Bay Area that are perfect for deep-cleaning, maintaining and polishing floors while also optimizing water reduction. Available in both cylindrical and disc styles, your specific environment and the debris you need to clean will determine the size machine and brush style that will save you the most time, labor and money.

Serving the Bay Area with locations in Santa Rosa, Hayward, and Modesto, we offer Kärcher floor scrubbers, sweepers, cleaners, maintenance, accessories, parts and service.